Race days

Race days are usually on a Sunday with a ride day on the Saturday.

Entry forms for race days are listed under the > events< page when available.

There are many differences between race days and ride days, a big one is that a ride day isn't competitive, where as a race day that's what it's all about! You need a competition licence to race, either a One Event,  Senior or Junior National Competition Licence. The level of motorcycle preparation needed to race is more detailed too. Please see the attached Road Racing preparation guide. Race Bike Preparation 2021

There is an Air Fence that sits along the exit of the hairpin and also turn 7 onto the start finish straight. These have to be put out before the ride day can be run. We need some help to do this. If you are coming out on Saturday it would be great if some people could be there a bit early and assist. We will be heading out at 08:00am to set up the airbags, what's the saying, many hands make light work.  The earlier it's done the sooner everyone can be on track. Information for > air fence set up <

Race and season results are available on the > Media < page

Files available for download