Ridernet handles all Motorcycling Australia registrations for new members, renewals and events.  You can also use Ridernet to apply for your annual MA license. Your TMCC  Membership number is also your Ridernet ID.  Ridernet is managed by a third party.

If you are on a mobile, download their app called "Motorcycling Australia (MA) App for RiderNet 2.0" The iOS app is available via the membership profile as per below or online at:  iOS App     The Android app is available via the membership portal or online at: Android App

If you are on a laptop or desktop - to become a new member or renew your membership click here New or Renew Membership.  You will be redirected to Ridernet.  

To buy an annual MA license click here Annual Licence 

To register for an event click here Event  If you are a junior rider and your endorsements have not been registered with MTAS you will not be able to register online. Please contact us via the contact page.