Ride Days

Ride Days are run in sessions. Groups are determined by experience and machinery.

Beginner (Blue) – for riders new to the track and for riders who enjoy a slower pace.

Intermediate (Green)– for faster riders on sports orientated bikes.

Advanced (Yellow)– for more experienced riders on sports orientated bikes. Overtaking is allowed in this class under brakes.

Racers – (Red) for riders on race bikes.

Sessions are 10 minutes for each group and run in rotation. All new riders start in the Beginner group. The first Beginner group of the day is run with a pace bike, so everyone can sight the track and get a feel for it. There is no pressure to ride any faster than you want to. As riders gain track experience they may want to move up to the Intermediate group. To change groups you must ask the nominated official.

Motorcycles need to be roadworthy even if not registered, good tyres, brakes, mechanically sound with no leaks.

Riders need to wear appropriate clothing: Approved Helmet, Gloves, Boots, Full-length trousers and a Protective jacket (Back protector and leathers needed in red/race group)

  • Symmons Plains gates open at 7:00am
  • Park your bike in Pit Lane or in  Garages no 5 to 15.
  • Sign on upstairs from 8:00am
  • Riders briefing upstairs at 8:45am
  • First bikes on track 9:00am
  • Last track session approx 4:15pm

Costs for Ride Days can be found on the Costs page

Details of Ride Days can be found on the Upcoming Events page and information is also available via the TMCC Events Facebook page

There is an Air Fence that sits along the exit of the hairpin (and also turn 7 onto the start finish straight on race weekends) These have to be put out before the ride day can be run. We need some help to do this. We will be heading out at 08:00am to set up the airbags, what's the saying, many hands make light work.  The earlier it's done the sooner everyone can be on track. So if you can come out and assist that would be great. Information for > air fence set up <


Files available for download